What all features will I get from a Saaga Smart Kids package ?

Saaga Smart Kids package is a feature rich product, which provides holistic learning environment for the child. Some of the important features of the package are:-

  • Digital Content mapped as per curriculum
  • Practise zone
  • Mentor Support
  • Online Document centre (To be realized soon)
  • Complete usage report for parents

I am enrolled for coaching, should I still purchase Saaga Smart Kids?

Saaga Smart Kids package is a self-study tool. Our large part of learning happens during self study. Tools like Saaga Smart Kids helps you to engage in self-study anytime and at anyplace. So, even if you are enrolled for coaching or any other support, self-study tools are essential for scoring high grades in the exams.

Which all boards have been covered in Saaga Smart Kids?

Saaga Smart Kids packages are mapped to almost major boards in the country. The content has been tailor-made to each board, so as to provide a customized solution for the students.

How many subjects have been covered in Saaga Smart Kids?

We generally cover 6-7 subjects per class. The subjects includes Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Grammar for languages, Scholar Zone, Computers etc.

Does the package include revision modules?

Yes, Saaga Smart Kids package has a extensive revision tool for last minute preparation. The tool includes interactive modules like key-points, key terms, history timelines, worksheets. These modules are very beneficial for last minute study

Does the package include any question bank software?

We have a dedicated question bank software for extensive practice. The question bank has over 1 lac questions of different difficulty levels.

Do we have a reporting mechanism for test practice?

Our question bank software has an extensive reporting mechanism, wherein each and every practise test is analysed and shared with parents on real time basis.

Can parents track the usage of the Saaga Smart Kids package?

Yes, parents can track their child’s usage of the package on daily basis. Each package has a dedicated login Id support, where in parents can check the usage report and take necessary corrective action